leave the earth behind.

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Yes Means Yes.

1. Leave The Earth Behind
2. Out From a Hundred Miles
3. White Winter Clothes (Demo)
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Leave The Earth Behind

Sweet love
It's stronger than a broken heart
and summons me a wave of art
I'm swept away in you
I'll drown
with all of my defenses down
and sell away the stable ground
awake and I'm renewed

But we don't say
we'll leave the earth behind
when all that really counts
I've got you on my mind
and if I'm reaching out
I know I know
I'll never hold on too tight

manipulate the classic mold
Don't even need to keep control
Release yourself and play
Our lives
are made of only borrowed time
so celebrate if we align
Don't let it float away

Out From a Hundred Miles

I find it funny how
how I could always tell
as though I knew so well
even out from a hundred miles
like I've been guided in
from underneath my skin
by the blood that's turning
the tides of all these fires left burning

When the light starts sinking low
touching fingertips so slow
and the language gets too thick
will you meet my lazy lips
and leave me one last kiss

White Winter Clothes (Demo)

I believe
that love is all we'll ever need
Wait and see
in time you will agree with me

and every other thing
we're expected to know
only pushes us closer to making me go
I'll sure miss the grace
of your white winter clothes
in this youth I will try not to act so old
Maybe love will find its way

I can see
the angel when she comes to me
Curves so sweet
perfectly in tune to keys

that ring around my head
and vibrate the soul
and I don't even carry the weight on my shoulders
I was always alive
I'm already a ghost
as I circle the moon in these white winter clothes
Maybe love will find its way

in sleepwalk steps
in secrets kept
to just one time and place
Patterns that these fingers can trace

I believe
that love is all we'll ever need